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Narmada Dam Project - West India

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1999 - Domkhedi

When the Narmada dam was build the dam was closed several times at a higher level. Every time a bigger part of the valley was flooded by the monsoon waters of the river. September 1999 the village Domkhedi in the West Indian State Maharashtra was submerged. Satyagrahis (Gandhian style non-violent activists) from the village, the region and from outside had vowed not to leave the houses when the water came up. They preferred to be drowned. In the end the police finished this non-violent protest action.

(Photo 31: Harikrishna and Deepa Jani)

The hut of the satyagrahis in Domkhedi.

(Photo 33: Harikrishna and Deepa Jani)

Satyagrahis staying in the rising waters.

(Photo 34: Harikrishna and Deepa Jani)

The police arrested the satyagrahis. An angry activist Jagdishbhai tells policemen to behave themselves well. Some of them were drunk.

(Photo 35: Harikrishna and Deepa Jani)

Arrested people.

2002 - Domkhedi

Submergence August 2002.

(Photo 36: Narmada Bachao Andolan)

Again satyagrahis decided not to leave, when the water rised.

(Photo 37: Narmada Bachao Andolan)

Again police officers arrested activists.


Submergence July 2003.

(Photo 40: Abivyakti)

Debris of adivasi houses destroyed by police in village Chimalkhedi, before the submergence..

(Photo 41: Abivyakti)

Bharad village, Maharashtra.

(Photo 42: Abivyakti)

Wooden pillars of a submerged house in the same village.

(Photo 43: Abivyakti)

Domkhedi village, Maharashtra.


Submergence August 2004.

(Photo 46: Friends of River Narmada)

Hapeshwar temple submerged.

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