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Narmada Dam Project - West India

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There were many rallies against eviction for big dams. Here some pictures of a few of them.

2008 - Khandwa

Rally at Khandwa town in the Central Indian State Madhya Pradesh, November 2008. It is against the Indira Sagar dam, one of the big dams in the river Narmada.

2000 - Pathrad

Rally against the construction of the Maheshwar Dam at Pathrad town in Madhya Pradesh, July 2000. It is another big dam in the same river.

(Photo 54: Narmada Bachao Andolan)

Boat Rally at Pathrad.

2000 - Toksar

Rally at Toksar, August 2000. Also against the Maheshwar dam.

2000 Washington

Demonstration against globalisation, April 2000, Washington D.C.

(Photo 56: Subramanya Sastry)

(Photo 57: Subramanya Sastry)

On the red banner: 'Save the Narmada River.

(Photo 58: Subramanya Sastry)

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