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Long Marches - Satyagrahas - 1

Narmada Dam Project - West India

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Narmada dam activists organised many long marches, also called 'satyagrahas'. This is a Gandhian expression what means 'truth force'. It is about non-violent resistance.

2007 - Chimalkhedi

Satyagraha at Chimalkhedi village in the West Indian State Maharashtra, September 2007.

2001 - Maharashtra

Satyagraha at Kothi and Domkhedi village in Maharashtra, July 2001.

The government of Maharashtra claimed that at this stage of filling the reservoir only 65 families had to be resettled. But activist Dadlya Karbhari gave the District Collector (highest official) Aseem Gupta a list of over 1000 families not yet resettled until now.

(Photo 62: Narmada Bachao Andolan)

The water approaches the satyagraha huts in Domkhedi.

(Photo 63: Narmada Bachao Andolan)

The gathering at the inauguration of the actions.

(Photo 64: Narmada Bachao Andolan)

Activist Bava Muvariya from Jalsindhi.

(Photo 65: Narmada Bachao Andolan)

On July 19 a hundred police were made to retreat by the people at Domkhedi.

(Photo 66: Neeta Deshpande)

Activist Dedlibai from Domkhedi: "We women are out in front because we know what we are going to loose. We fought till today and always will. Our men are not far behind either. We all fight together"

2001 - Madhya Pradesh

April 2001 villagers and social activists of several organisations made a long march in the Central Indian State Madhya Pradesh, in the valley near the Narmada dam. They visited more than 40 villages to inform the people about their rights. In fact such a long march, named a 'Parikrama', is an old tradition in which people living on the banks of the Narmada river visit each other.

(Photo 67: Harikrishna and Deepa Jani)

The Parikrama started April 4th at Balgaon and ended on April 10th at Indore.

(Photo 68: Harikrishna and Deepa Jani)

The satyagraha begins with offerings to the Goddess Narmada.

(Photo 69: Harikrishna and Deepa Jani)

At the village Pipri: "My lifetime is over. What can I give my grandchild? Only this humble earth."

(Photo 70: Harikrishna and Deepa Jani)

Rally passes through the village Kari.

(Photo 71: Harikrishna and Deepa Jani)

Jagdish Bhai sings the Nimadi folk songs of protest at the village Nimboli. "This is a struggle for equity. A struggle from village to village for reconstruction, regeneration and revival of people's resources and autonomy."

(Photo 72: Harikrishna and Deepa Jani)

Marching through the streets of the town Mhow.

(Photo 73: Harikrishna and Deepa Jani)

Displaced adivasis at Mhow.

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