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Narmada Dam Project - West India

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The Narmada Dam Project consists of 30 major dams, 135 medium dams and about 3000 small ones. The most well known is the Sardar Sarrovar Dam in Gujarat, also called the 'Narmada Dam'.

(Photo 21: Hariya1234)

Dhuandar Waterfalls - February 2011.

(Photo 22: AceFighter19)

Narmada dam 2006.

(Photo 23: Nvvchar)

Narmada dam, almost completed - 2008.

(Photo 24: Nvvchar)

Jobat dam in Madhya Pradesh - 2008.

(Photo 25: Nvvchar)

Indira Sagar dam partially completed in Madhya Pradesh.

(Photo 26: Nvvchar)

Canal aqueduct Omkareswar

(Photo 27: Nvvchar)

Sardar Sarovar Canal.

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