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Digging Ponds - Constructing Check Dams

Himcon, Uttarakhand South-West

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The development and campaign organisation Himcon assists villagers to overcome waterproblems. Villagers dig small ponds, called 'chaals', to collect rainwater at the monsoon time. After some time the water percolates in the soil and improves the humidity. Grasses, shrubs and trees will grow better.

To protect the land against erosion, villagers build series of check dams. Himcon also helps villagers to build concrete water tanks to collect roof water when it rains.

 Working together, digging a pond.

 The monsoon water will fill these ponds ...

 ... the water will percolate ...

 ... and give more humidity to the soil.

 Even several months after the monsoon there is still some water in some ponds.

 Check dams to slow down the rain water streams in the monsoon.

 There will be less erosion and more percolation.

 A concrete 'pond' of the government. It is useless, because the water can not percolate in the soil.

 Concrete tank to collect rainwater from the roofs.

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Photos: Himcon, Uttarakhand and Peasant Autonomy - Creative Commons