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Via Campesina about Global Warming

Small Scale Sustainable Farmers
Are Cooling Down the Earth

download booklet Via Campesina about Global Warming (3 MB)

for bigger picture click on this photo Booklet Via Campesina.

"(..) Industrialized countries and the industrialization of agriculture are the biggest sources of global warming gases, but it is farmers and rural communities - and especially small farmers and rural communties in developing countries - that are among the first to suffer from climate change. Changing weather patterns bring unkown pests along with unusual droughts, floods and storms, destroying crops, farmlands, farmstock and farmers houses.

(..) In tropical regions, global warming is likely to lead to a serious decline in agriculture (up to 50% in Senegal and 40% in India in 2080) and to the acceleration of farmland turning into desert.

for bigger picture click on this photo Big factorie in Odisha, East-India.

(..) Millions of farmers will be displaced from the land. Such shifting is regarded by industry as a businness opportunity through increasing food exports and imports, but it will increase hunger and dependency around the world.

(..) Sustainable small-scale farming, which is labor-intensive and requires little energy use, can actually contribute to stop and reverse the effects of climate change:
= by storing more CO2 in soil organic matter through sustainable production,
= by replacing nitrogen fertilizers by organic agriculture or/and cultivating nitrogen-fixing plants which capture nitrogen directly from the air,
= by making possible the decentralized production, collection and use of energy.

for bigger picture click on this photo Coal from Chhattisgarh, Central-India.

(..) [Agriculture what captures current global emissions of CO2 ] requires a sharp knowledge of local ecosystems and conditions, of seeds and biodiversity. Only small farmers and indigenous peoples around the world can fulfill such needs."

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Photos: Via Campesina; Peasant Autonomy - Creative Commons