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Village Temples

near Mangalore, Karnataka

There were many temples in this region. Big Hindu temples, centuries old; small temples and worship places in the forest for the Snake God, holy trees, and even a big Catholic church. Several holy places are left because the villagers are displaced for the Special Economic Zone (SEZ, a factory area) or they are already destroyed.

Centuries old Hindu temple

 Holy Cow protects the center of the temple.

 Young priest worshiping ...

 ... and offering.

 Swords of the guards who protect the temple.

 Fire wood.

 Leopard on a car to go around on a special festival.

 Basin for the ritual bath.

 Nearby is a small holy forest where the Snake God lives. It is a protected place, a sanctuary with all sort of animals, trees and flowers.


 The big temple.

 Car with wild boar to go around on a festival.


 Temple of the Snake God.

 A priest offering.

 Worship place for a nature god.

different temples

Catholic church

 On the left side a cave with Holy Mary.


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Photos: Krishi Bhoomi Samrakshana Samiti and Peasant Autonomy - Creative Commons