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Raksha Sutra – Protecting the Forest by Holy Threads

Uttarakhand Center

Village women protect their forest against the illegal felling by the timber mafia and the Forest Department. They tie a thread on the tree, like they do it on the wrist of a brother. It is called 'Raksha Sutra'. It is a holy thread. The tree is now like a brother and the women will protect it with their life.

 This forest is saved by the women farmers.

 They tie a Raksh Sutra, holy thread, at the trees.

 Now the tree is like a brother for the women.

 Dancing with the village god.

 Holy drum.

 Wall painting

 'Don't cut our trees!'

 Newspaper article about the Raksha Sutra movement.

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Photos: HPSS, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand and Peasant Autonomy - Creative Commons